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Lemay Ferry



Does your organization, school, club, or church need to raise money?

It’s easy and profitable when you sell something everyone wants and needs….

  • Everyone has a car, and they all get dirty

  • Raise thousands of dollars and keep 50% of everything you sell,
    with NO CASH OUTLAY.

  • No more gift wrap, candy, or coupon books

  • Partner with Classic Car Wash, respected in O’Fallon for close to 20 years.

  • Think GREEN! Parking lot car washes are BAD for the environment…many communities have banned them altogether.  Holding a parking lot charity car wash puts your group and organization at risk… and it’s not good for the environment!!!

We haven’t met an organization yet that doesn’t need to raise money… Religious groups, Youth & Adult Athletic Organizations, Civic Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts…you name it!! 

Here’s a way for your organization to raise thousands of dollars in a quick, efficient and environmentally safe way!!

     For more information please Our Fundraising Brochure
              Click on and Print Out: Fundraising Program Agreement

To get started please print and complete our fundraising program agreement, or call and speak with one of our fundraising coordinators at 636-978-6600.

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